Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello Lighttpd, nice to meet you

Since I've been trying to wrap my brain around web server configs for the past couple of weeks, I thought that I would give Lighttpd a try since I've read quite a bit of positive reviews of it. I must say, I wish I went this route the first time. As a test, I thought I would setup django 1.1 on OpenBSD using Lighttpd instead of the native httpd that comes with OpenBSD out of the box. I was able to get it going in about 10-15 minutes after setting up the configure files using the how-to guides on Django's site. It was nice to see that good admin login screen after little tinkering. The only draw back that took me longer than I wanted was that Lighttpd was adding unwanted items to the url that prevented me from logging in completely. However, this was easily rectified by adding the following line to the file:
This may be the route to take with django on OpenBSD systems from now on because of the easy to use settings. Just remember to install flup...

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