Thursday, August 20, 2009

IronPython on non-Windows system!

Michael Foord went ahead and replied to my question:
Well, advantages IronPython has over CPython:

* AppDomains (restrict security priveleges of untrusted code)
* Access to .NET / Mono libraries
* Threading without the GIL (scale pure-Python code across multiple cores)
* Easily create applications with multiple isolated Python engines
* Easy to compile applications to binary and make binary distributions
* Much easier to extend with C# than CPython is with C
* Through the DLR you get interoperability with C# / F# / IronRuby / IronScheme...

Some of these are more compelling than others of course, YMMV. :-)

In addition to which IronPython can be used as an easy to embed scripting language for applications written in C#. *If* Mono is useful (which I think it is) *then* IronPython is useful...

This response really does give clarity on what I was trying to understand. Today, I use Ironpython for scripting projects that I need done quickly. I haven't had the chance to explore it further due to time constraints at work (when I get home, I don't wanna think about work :)). I bought the Ironpython book as well to help get me further along the road. So thanks Michael for your insight in this.

They should have these facts posted somewhere on the Ironpython site like a Iron vs C wiki or something like that. If they do, it should be easy to find.

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